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Photo Shoot FAIL Tutorial

Before we get started you’ll need these items for a successful photo shoot fail:

Twirling/Flailing Baby.

A husband who is leading the way for  a “dad shorts” movement {seriously…what is up with your shorts?}.

A husband that doesn’t hear…”Okay…you can get out of the shot now. No really…please take your foot and big toe with you.”

A 3 & 4 year old jumping on your back while taking pictures.

A good sense of humor.






If there is one toy I cannot stand more than others, it is stuffed animals. I am SO stuffed animal intolerant. I’m sorry if that makes me Gargamel, but I can’t visually digest them. So…whenever one of the kids receives one for a gift, I immediately think…midnight abduction? A swift removal is key…or you risk attachment as seen below.  Continue reading


Layering Paint Tutorial

I first discovered this technique when I made Mr. Seahorse. I knew I wanted a weathered look for him, but not the one that screamed orbital sander. I wanted something that didn’t look too patterned or intentional. The technique I’m going to show you, uses a hand, eye, and thinking approach. Of course, you can’t 100% duplicate what time does naturally, but I think this comes pretty close.

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