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Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk Paint Kit Tutorial


Chalk paint baking soda tutorial

Chalk paint baking soda tutorial

Ever suffer from birthday party gift burnout? I definitely do! For a while now, I’ve been wanting to make a “kit” for a birthday gift. With summer just around the corner, I knew I wanted to do some sort of outside activity kit. I stumbled onto this blog…which took regular sidewalk chalk paint and made it fizzy. I was sold!! So, I teamed up with Tracey over @ Little Bitty Design Studio to come up with the, “Fizzy Sidewalk Chalk Paint Kit.” Continue reading




This will not surprise anyone that knows me well at all.

Me: {singing}… kiss me til your juggernaut shows…all the moves like Jagger

Adam Levine: {looking hot and singing}….kiss me til your drunk and I’ll show you…all the moves like Jagger

Hmmm….what? So that little punching bag thing in the very back of your mouth is not a juggernaut? Nope. It’s a uvula. Uvula? Turns out, a Juggernaut is some comic book dude. Well…the song is just ruined for me now.

I recently had a “wrong lyrics” conversation on Facebook. One of my friends chimed in and said, “for the longest time, I used to sing this….”

Friend: {singing}….CINNAMON GUM!

Steve Perry: {looking all “Joanie loves Chachi” meets Dudley Moore and singing}…You should’ve been gone!


So what is your biggest lyric flub?