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A Craft and a Beetle…

I had all three kids home with me today…can you say FUN?? The whining and fighting started pretty early on…so there was an immediate 86 on the word “Mommy” so instead I got lots of taps on the shoulder … these kids and their loopholes!

I set up a craft for them  {I’ll have the deets on that tomorrow}…thinking I might buy myself 30 minutes to work on some orders…yeah…not so much. I’m sure people often wonder…why is her turn around time so long? Well…wonder no further…meet Annabelle Louise {pronounced Luh-WHEESE…as in Thelma & Luh-WHEESE.} Sewing does not happen around this child…not even.


I also started work on Jackson’s paper maché Figeater Beetle…because…and I quote, “I don’t know how to do paper maché.” {Christopher Hinkle, 2012} Did I mention this is due on Friday?

PicMonkey Collage

Mini Popcorn Treat Bags…

When I started thinking what I wanted to do for Jackson’s class treats this year, I knew I wanted it to be something different. Because, this is my super busy season…I needed something relatively easy to make and put together. So… I came up with these mini popcorn treats. I designed them to resemble a microwave bag of popcorn, on a smaller scale…and much cuter.

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