Monthly Archives: May 2014

We Made Postcards…

make your own postcards In our homeschool, one of our daily subjects is copywork. I usually prepare a sentence from a book we are reading and the kids have to copy it as best they can. It allows them to practice their penmanship and grammar. It’s definitely not their favorite thing to do. Today on I Heart Nap Time, I’m sharing a fun way to keep in touch with friends and family over the summer months with kid made postcards. I also love, that my kids are utilizing their writing skills that we have practiced all year, but in a way they can get excited about it. Sneaky! Get the full details here.

My Budding Photographer…

boca grande seashells jacks2 Last Christmas we got the kids this camera. It’s virtually kid proof and it does videos. Before they had their own camera, they were always hijacking my phone.  I got tired of deleting hundreds of pictures of the floor and the top half of Annie’s head. Jacks has really taken to photography lately. He loves setting up scenes with his Legos. He’ll disappear for hours taking pictures and making movies with his Lego cars.
We went to the beach for Memorial Day and we always come home with shells. We have a huge 5 gallon bucket full of shells from previous beach trips and vacations. Every now and then, he’ll ask to get the shells and he’ll spend hours categorizing them by likeness, then dump them back in the bucket. I snapped the top picture of him taking pictures of his shells he brought home that day. The bottom picture is the one he took with his camera.
I love that he has found a little hobby all his own!

Annie Was Here…

tin robots I was having a day this week.  Lucky for me, I’ve got three kids at the ready to sketch me out. Geez, I’m looking really strung out these days, thank you Annie. I have a stack of mean mommy drawings. I’m saving them up to make a picture book….of which I’ll be the star, because there are no Mean Daddy pictures. Jacks wanted me to tell him which one of them is the most annoying…in number order. Sweet boy…you all annoy me equally.
Of course, I always feel bad when I lose it.  Lately, I’ve been walking out to the garage and screaming into a pile of beach towels. I’m trying to be more patient, but sometimes it just spills out of me before I can get a grip. I’m so glad I’ll have these pictures to look back on and remember what fun I used to be!