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School on Captiva Island and the Best Beach Bucket…

DSC_6513 DSC_6514 DSC_6521 DSC_6528 DSC_6500 DSC_6503 One of my favorite things about homeschooling is that school does not have to be held within the four walls of our home. So, last week we headed out early to Captiva Island and we spent the morning digging for sand fleas, periwinkles, and shelling in the warm sunshine. The water is a little cold for my taste, but that and no bathing suits didn’t stop these three from dashing into the water at full speed.

Living near the beach is nice, but hauling all the gear and packing it back up is not. During the summer months, we bring beach chairs, an umbrella, dry food bag, a cooler, towels, floats, and way too many toys that need to be washed down before packing them away. Too many toys that don’t get much play time, but get plenty dirty and plenty scattered all over the beach. This year, I decided we will be paring down on all the toys. In my search for less, I stumbled onto these beach buckets. I ordered three a few days before our beach trip. They were a big hit with the kids and passersby! Everyone wanted to know where they could get one for their kids or grandkids. Usually, we have to dig a trench and fill with water to keep their little critters alive. These buckets made it so easy. You just fill with water, a little sand, toss in your live shells and small fish. The top is perforated for easy refilling of water and the handle has a nice big grip, for ease of carrying when filled to capacity.

We were there for a few hours and they never stopped filling up the buckets. When it was time to leave, they easily released all the live shells. For the shells they could keep, they just popped the lid back on, filled with water, and strained out all the sand. These are the best little beach buckets! If you are planning a trip to the beach anytime soon, I can’t recommend these enough!

Yarn Wrapped Lollipop Valentines…

DSC_6726 cardboard valentine yummy earth organic lollipops kid valentine kid made valentine cardboard valentine class valentine treats kid made valentine If this baby to be has made me anything, it’s lazy!! Oh.My.Word. I can plan for weeks for what I’m going to do and when it comes to actually getting it done, I simply don’t get it done. No excuses, except for, I don’t wanna! For someone that typically has about 20 projects going on at once, this is foreign territory for me.

So, this is a tad last minute, but I was determined to get it up on the blog. We made these yarn wrapped lollipops in about 20 minutes. Yes, they are that easy!

Fortunately for lazy me, I had all my supplies on hand. But if you don’t, you’ll need to gather up yarn, cardboard, scissors, a pen, and some lollipops.

First, cut some heart shapes from the cardboard. Then, have your kids write, “from: (insert name)” on each heart. Next, place the lollipop on back (the side with no name) of heart and start wrapping in yarn until lollipop is secured. When finished, thread loose end through yarn.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

A New Addition…

schleich dinosaurs schleich dinosaurs schleich dinosaurs baby boy ultrasound I have been missing from blog land for a while now and this is why! Growing a human from scratch, is no small feat. I wouldn’t say I’ve ever had an easy pregnancy, but this one has been a beast! Little man put a halt to all things creative. Suffering from 24 hour a day nausea and an insidious burning hole like feeling in my stomach, pretty much left me incapacitated for weeks. I’m happy and most relieved to say, I am on the other side of the sickness or darkness, as I often called it. I still get bouts here and there, but thankfully, nothing that lasts all day and all night.

The kids are so excited! Well all, except for Annie. She has never been an overly affectionate child or one to gush over anything, so I can’t say I’m all that surprised. Before finding out the sex of the baby, I had this conversation with her:

Me: Annie, do you want a little brother or a little sister?
Annie: I don’t like babies, so it doesn’t matter anyway.

She will come around!  In June 2015, we will graduate to a party of 6. Sounds so strange and exciting at the same time!