About Me

Hi, I’m Krisha, owner of Jacks & Kate. I started my blogging journey 5 years ago, after shutting down my Etsy shop to focus on my family. These days I’m a homeschooling Mom of 4, with a passion for teaching my children, photography, nature, cooking, art, kid crafts, and much more!

After being laid off from my banking job in 2008, I started a small sewing business. I handcrafted, personalized fabric tote bags and accessories. I enjoyed it very much, until one day, I just didn’t.  In 2011, just before my 3rd baby was due to arrive, I closed up shop.

I took a few months off, then, I began to blog. At first, I mainly wrote sewing and craft tutorials. However, since those early days, my blog has evolved into something different. For starters, I learned how to use my camera. Lifestyle photography has become one of my greatest loves. I love to take pictures of them in their everyday life. I not only want to remember what they looked like, I want to remember what they were doing! Also, I love to collaborate with them on craft projects and take pictures of that. Our life and our projects, are what you’ll find here now.

I hope you’ll stay for a while!

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