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“adam levine tote bag”

I’m just now learning how to use google analytics on my website. It’s a bunch of stats…like keywords used to find Jacks & Kate. Anways…that’s boring. So last night…as I was viewing my stats… I came across one search term that stood out amongst the rest.

Someone googled “adam levine tote bag”…and ended up on Jacks & Kate. After I stopped laughing…I was like…does Adam Levine have a tote bag? Wait…what? Then I was like…who does a search for “adam levine tote bag?” Finally…I thought…OMG…does Adam Levine have a Jacks & Kate? Then, I remembered this post I wrote a while back. A-HA!

Naturally I googled “adam levine tote bag”…and there I was…number 5 down.

adam levine

There you have it…Adam Levine and I are connected…in some weird tote bag kind of way. I guess the “how” doesn’t really matter…he’s hot. End of story.




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