Appliqué mason jar lids…

4 weeks into my weekly appliqué series and I’ve already missed a week. I just couldn’t get it done last week, but I doubt anyone was freaking on that one. So, this week, I have this cool idea: appliqué mason jar lids.  Fabric lids on mason jars are nothing new, this is just my personal spin.

mason jar lid covers I was in Target last week buying a bunch of stuff I didn’t need, when I came across these mason jars. I love mason jars, so naturally I was obsessing over what I could do with them. I started to think about this mason jar my Mom used to have when I was growing up. I remember it had an owl done in cross stitch on the lid. I couldn’t remember what she used to put in it, but I remember the lid well. It was sort of poofy. I thought, I would use the same concept, only in appliqué. If you’ve seen any of my work, then you know I have a thing for letters. 

Appliqué mason jar lids

Supplies I used:

  • Wonder Under
  • Interfacing
  • White craft felt
  • Scrap fabric
  • Scrap Osnaburg fabric
  • Batting
  • Scissor
  • Fabric marker
  • Ball half-pint jars

As always, if you are unfamiliar with appliqué, you can refer to my two part tutorial here and here.

Appliqué lid instructions:

Before starting your appliqué, back your fabric with a piece of white craft felt.
Iron and stitch down your appliqué.
Center the ring part of the lid over your appliqué and trace along the outside perimeter using a fabric marker.
Leaving a 1/4 inch allowance, cut all the way around your circle.

fabric mason jar lid

Poofy insert instructions:

Lay two pieces of white craft felt back to back.
Once again, using the ring part of the lid, trace around the interior rim.
Stitch along your guide, leaving 1/2 inch open for stuffing.
Lightly stuff the pouch {don’t overstuff}, and stitch opening closed.
Trim approximately 1/8 inch from circle, all the way around.

Appliqué mason jar lids

If you are going to fill your jar, do it now. Then, layer the poofy insert over the metal plate, then add your fabric circle. You could also glue the insert to the metal plate, but I did not. You have to fiddle a little with the next part and it’s kind of hard to explain. The way I did it is, I pressed down on the center of the fabric with one hand, and twisted the ring on with my free hand. This kind of help alleviate any fabric buckles or kinks.

fabric mason jar lid

mason jar lids fabric

mason jar fabric lids

I filled mine with the yummiest caramel sauce ever {recipe will be another post}. What would you put in your jars?

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