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Chalkcloth drawer organizer…

I’ve been on a organization kick lately. I was born to purge…and when my life starts getting crazy…one of the things that centers me is organizing. My kitchen cabinets have been a mess for far too long. I’m constantly straightening them…only for them to end up like this.

Drawer Organizer

and this…

Pantry Drawer Organizer

Most of this mess can be attributed to my husband and kids. You see…my husband suffers from…”dishwasher amnesia.” He forgets where things go…so he just tosses them in. Or…it’s my kids dragging everything out…which I happily endorse if it will give me just 5 minutes of peace.

Anyways…the clutter and chaos of it all was starting to get to me. But…I didn’t want to simply straighten them again….because that is just pointless. I don’t have a huge kitchen. What I lack in square feet…I make up with cabinet space. So…in order to maximize that space…I drew a placement map of sorts.

If you want to do something similar…you’ll need the following supplies:

Chalkcloth or Blackboard Utility Fabric {can be found at Joanns for $4.99 a yard}

Chalk Ink Pens


Rotary Cutter

Measuring Tape

First thing I did, was empty the cabinets. I purged anything that didn’t get used or was in bad shape. Next, measure the length and width of your cabinets. Then, I rough cut a piece of the Chalkcloth with my scissors. After that…I did an exact cut with my rotary cutter.

After I made sure the cut piece fit, I did a mock layout. I played around with the placement of everything…maximizing my space. Some items, I double or triple stacked. Once, I got a configuration I liked…I began tracing and labeling the items with  my chalk pen. Where ever there was stacking…I made sure to notate it. The best part about the chalk pens is they are not permanent. If you make a mistake or you need to make room for a new item…use a baby wipe or wet paper towel to erase. Just make sure the area is dry…before you begin drawing again. On that same note, you’ll want to make sure your dishes are completely dry before putting them away. Since this is not permanent ink…water will smear or smudge it. I foresee a training session with my amnesiac.

chalkcloth drawer organizer

chalkcloth drawer organizer

That’s it…a fully fuctional…organized cabinet or drawer! You could do this in the bathroom, pantry, or playroom. I’m working on my kid’s dresser drawers. They have been learning to put away their own clothes…which usually results in everything stuffed into one drawer. This will definitely help matters. Another bonus…Jacks and Savannah Kate are reading and spelling words like…”cheesecake pan.” Organization and education…I’ll take it!

Drawer Organizer

Kids Drawer Organizer



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  1. Amy

    Oh, dear. I think if you saw my house right now your brain would melt & run out your ears! We are packing to move, too. Want to volunteer yourself to organize the new place? 🙂

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