Handmade Kid Stationary…

kid stationary I still prefer getting cards and handwritten letters over emails, texts, tweets, or Facebook messages. I have saved many letters over the years. I kept every letter my husband and I wrote to each other, before we ever even met almost 20 years ago. I’ve gone through the box a few times and it brings back such great memories of such a different time in our lives. I have saved countless letters from my bestie…all dating back to High School. We got in sooo many fights…and she was so dramatic! Love that I still have these.I thought it would be fun if I had my crew make some stationary to give to family and friends. As much as I love getting letters in the mail, they love it even more.

Gather your supplies:

Blank notecards and envelopes (I found mine at Michaels)
Colored pens
Yarn or twine

There are really no instructions to give.  I just told them to draw whatever they wanted. They are obsessed with drawing…so this was great for them.
stationary for kids kids stationary stationary for kids handmade stationary stationary made by kids stationary for kids When they were done, I grabbed some envelopes and some yarn. I bundled them all together and now they are ready to hand out!stationary for kids stationary for kids stationary handmade stationary for kids

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