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Have you seen Hot Lips?

I have mentioned previously that I have an intolerance for animals of the stuffed kind. Well…they seem to be slowly taking over in my house once again. Since my last post about this, there have been 5 more additions. FIVE!! I’ve tried reasoning with my little junkies…but of course EVERY single one is their favorite…like ever. Enough! It’s time to boost these fur freaks…

I can’t just swoop in and remove all these free loaders at once. No…that’s too traumatizing. I don’t want to turn them into future hoarders. No…I have to fly under the radar. A slow removal is key. I’ll have to store them for a bit…just to ensure nobody actually wigs out on me.

At last count there were 18 stuffed animals. Personally, I think that’s 18 too many…but, I’m not beyond reason. I will settle for an overall goal of six. Divided equally…that’s two per child. There’s plenty you can do with two. Two can be a pillow. Two can have a conversation. Two can invite the other four over and have a party. Two it shall be!

First up…”Hot Lips Monkey” … You know those lobster claw prize game thingys…the ones you never win a thing from? Well…Jacks did…and Savannah didn’t. Need I say more?

Well…he was removed yesterday…and as smooth as I like to think I am…my reputation as a body snatcher proceeds me. Jacks cornered me later…

Jacks: Have you seen Hot Lips?

Me: No. I’m always telling you to put your stuff back where it belongs so you don’t lose it. {shameless…I know}

Jacks: Well I left him sitting right on my bed.

Me {thinking}: hmmmI’ve been made

Me: Hey do you want some candy? {clear desperation}

For now…HLM is smooshed nestled between some boxes in the garage. I’ll give it a couple days to make sure I’m officially in the clear…then…”hi ho..hi ho..it’s off to goodwill you go!”  One down…eleven to go..woot!





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