If there is one toy I cannot stand more than others, it is stuffed animals. I am SO stuffed animal intolerant. I’m sorry if that makes me Gargamel, but I can’t visually digest them. So…whenever one of the kids receives one for a gift, I immediately think…midnight abduction? A swift removal is key…or you risk attachment as seen below. 

Savannah spent the whole night carrying him. Clearly, she bonded. Dang it! There is only one Nemo, so naturally she and Jacks spent the whole night fighting over him. Stupid Nemo. Consider yourself gone missing.

In other news, my husband is hamper intolerant. I should probably remove the lid to make it easier for him. Sigh.

So what is your “intolerance?”

14 thoughts on “Intolerance

  1. Amy

    My mom just suggested I make a bag for the FIVE stuffed animals Violet insists on taking everywhere. Um…. no? I have a stash of about 12 “Rosebud” pink bears that Evelyn has tortured throughout her 6.5 years to the point of almost not looking like a bear anymore. 

    & the hamper? I have tried moving it to the actual location where my husbands’ underwear congregate on our bathroom floor. The pile still grows & the hamper gets moved to my sink. I have no help for that one, obviously.

  2. Brandi

    LOL!  I couldn’t agree with you more, Krisha.  Seriously, there is no point to them other than to collect dust around here.  All except the two that they have each grown attached remain in this house, and those are to sleep with only and may not come out of their beds.  I also don’t tolerate any toy that requires batteries very well.  The batteries constantly die and then I have to go find new ones and the noises of toys are the most irritating sounds imaginable, I think.  Sorry for the rant… time to get to work…

  3. krisha Post author

    Ha! It’s to the point where I have to tell them…you are only allowed one soft toy outside the perimeter of your bedroom!

  4. krisha Post author

    Sarah…don’t even get me started on Calliou. I cannot stand his whiny voice. “Rooooosie”…”Giiiiilbert”

  5. Michelle Myers

    I LOVE this! Everyone knows I DESPISE stuffed animals so they think it is particularly endearing to “gift” them to my children. I was seriously having this very convo. this evening w/Nichole. I am a firm believer in swift abductions, too. And, Build-A-Bear, that place is evil & off-limits. 🙂 Among the mama gift giving code, there needs to be an addendum: No messy gifts, no gifts that are alive, no gifts that make annoying sounds or STUFFED ANIMALS! Mamas UNITE!

  6. Carrie

    On another note – that dress is Adorable!!! Did you make it? what does it say? I can’t quite make it out.

  7. krisha Post author

    Carrie…Thank you! Yes I did make it. I didn’t make the shirt…it was a Target find. I combined it with the fabric to make a dress. I hope to have a tutorial up soon.

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