Mini Carrot Balloons…

Easter is just around the corner and I’m in full on, “what can I turn into a carrot?” mode. Last year, I made this bunny food and it was a big hit! This year I have a few more carrot ideas….like these mini carrot balloons. How fun are these?
carrot balloon easter
Gather your supplies:

Helium tank
Orange water balloons
White thread
Green tissue paper
Adhesive dots

Since these are water balloons, you have to move fast as they don’t hold helium for more than an hour at most. You’ll want to prepare all the other steps, before you blow up the balloons.
mini carrot balloon eastercarrot balloons for easterInstructions:

To make the carrot tops, cut green tissue paper into 2×2 squares.
Stack squares and trim edges to form a circle.
Make small cuts around the perimeter of the circle.
Set aside until all balloons are blown up.
mini carrot balloon eastermini carrot balloon eastermini carrot balloonsAfter blowing up all balloons, tie a piece of white thread on each balloon.
Temporarily secure the other end while working on the carrot top.
Add adhesive dots to the top center of each balloon.
Press a prepared tissue paper onto each adhesive dot.
Scrunch up tissue paper to form carrot tops. mini carrot balloons mini carrot balloons easter carrotballoons5 mini carrot balloons mini carrot balloons easter I think these would be so adorable tied to an Easter basket!

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