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Monster Eye Lollipops…

With Halloween just around the corner…I decided to get a jump on class treats for Jacks. I had a surplus of orange swirl lollies from his birthday party…and I had a box of candy eyeballs. Why not monster eye lollipops? They are SO incredibly easy to make!

Here are the supplies you’ll need:

Lollipops {really…any lollipop would work…I just happened to have some leftover from a birthday party. There are some less expensive ones on candy.com or check dollar tree}

Scrapbook paper

2 in circle punch

2.5 in decorative punch


Glue stick

Hole punch

Painted drink carrier {I used a gloss black spray paint…2 coats on a six pack box. If you are going to have a lot of lolli’s…consider doing more than 1 box}

Kraft shreds {dollar tree}

Iridescent shreds {dollar tree}

Candy melts {any color…I had green}

Black Tulle {Joanns}

Plastic treat bags {Joanns}

Candy eyeballs {Again…I already had these in stock: Lucks royal icing candy eyeballs via Amazon. You can get a pack of 112 for $18.  This may seem like a lot, but I use them on everything! Who knew kids loved candy eyeballs on their sandwiches? Also…they have a long shelf life…these are the best candy eyeballs!! They offer different sizes, but for this project I used the LARGE. If you want something less expensive…Joann’s has tiny candy eyeballs on the cake decorating aisle}

eek! FREE printables {Little Bitty Design Studio….link for download at the bottom of this post}

First, start by removing any plastic wrapping on your lollipop. No need to keep these, as you’ll be replacing them in the end. Next, melt your candy melts {just barely melted} and dab a dot on the back of an eyeball {I did about 5 at a time}…

…next attach the eyeballs to the front center of your lollies…

…while they are drying, print and punch out your printables and scrapbook paper. I used a 2 inch circle punch on the eek! printables…and I used a 2.5 inch decorative punch for the scrapbook paper. Using your glue stick…dab a bit of glue on the back of the eek! circle and attach to the scrapbook paper. Next, punch a hole in your tag and thread a 3.5 inch piece of tulle through the hole…

…insert your monster eye lollipop into a plastic treat bag…secure with your prepared tag…stuff your painted drink carrier with the shreds and place your lollipops inside.

Monster eye lollipops…easy and adorable!!


Lollipops: candy.com

Candy eyeballs: Amazon

eek! printables: Little Bitty Design Studio


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