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Paintbrush Invitation Tutorial…

paint party invitations paintbrush

Since I got several requests about how I did my paintbrush invites, I decided to do a quick tutorial for anyone interested.

First….you can purchase the invitations for download over at Little Bitty Design Studio.

To make the invitations into paintbrushes…you’ll need the following supplies:

Kraft card stock

Double sided scrapbooking tape  {the kind in the little dispenser}

Wooden spoons {I got mine from Polka Dot Market}

Hot glue gun

Small scissors

Corner rounder punch

Paper cutter

paint party invitations paintbrush

First…using the guides on the printout, cut your invitations into 4. Next, take your corner rounder punch…and round the bottom two corners of the invite. Then…with your scissors…make small irregular upside down triangle cuts. Just be random. I like to start at the two corners and work my way in. This way…you are sure not to have a super tiny cut on the end…which could result in tearing. Obviously…I found that out the hard way.

paint party invitations paintbrush

This is the corner rounding punch. I LOVE these things! It gives everything a polished professional look. They are inexpensive on sale or with a coupon.

Next, glue your wooden spoon {skinny side up} to the back of the invite.  paint party invitations paintbrush

I wanted the paintbrush to have a wrapper…just like if you bought it in a store. I used kraft cardstock, cut on the short side…about 3 inches wide. I used the invite as the folding guide. When I had it exact, I rolled on some double sided tape…sealed the two ends together…and slipped over the invite.

The coordinating envelope wrappers totally finish off the invite!  I would suggest having the envelopes on hand while making the invite. This way, you’ll know just where to glue the wooden spoon…so it fits properly inside the envelope. Thus… avoiding making several trips!!

paint party invitations paintbrush

I just adore how these came out! If you decide to make your own…I’d love to see your version!

View the full paint party here


Invitations and envelope wrappers: Little Bitty Design Studio

Wooden spoons: Polka Dot Market

Kraft card stock: Michaels

Envelopes: Michaels

Corner rounder punch: Michaels



8 thoughts on “Paintbrush Invitation Tutorial…

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  2. krisha Post author

    Hi!…yes…you can order the invitations through Little Bitty Design Studio (link is in the blog post)…then you can follow my tutorial for turning them into paintbrushes.

  3. Amber

    She isn’t taking any more orders. Her site is down. Any suggestions as to how I can still get this?

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