Paint Splatter Canvas Cookies

Paint Splatter Canvas Cookies

Paint Splatter Canvas Cookies Tutorial:

When I started planning my son’s 5th birthday party…I knew I wanted to attempt to make the cookies myself.  I had an idea for a paint splatter canvas cookie…but I am by no means a professional cookie maker. So…I sought out some help from one of the best.

After several stops along the way…I finally landed on The Sweet Adventures of Sugarbelle. I started with her sugar cookie recipe. Let me first say…I LOVE this cookie dough. If I were going to be a cookie dough…this would be the one. It is so light…and not sticky…it rolls out beautifully! When cooked…it produces a soft cookie. It’s fabulous!  My only difficulty was moving the cut cookie dough to the baking sheet without destroying it. After several failed attempts…and a few curse words later…I developed a system that worked for me.

This is how I survived making cookies: To keep the dough even…I used 2 pieces of flat 1/4 inch trim …I rolled the dough out on parchment paper. Next…I cut out one cookie at a time.  Then…using my scissors…I cut around the cookie…leaving about a 1/2 inch border on the parchment paper.  With a cookie spatula…scoop under the cut piece of parchment paper and  move the cookies to the baking sheet. Voila! No more cookie destruction. This method uses and wastes a lot of parchment paper…but…this is what worked for me.

paint splatter canvas cookies tutorial

Who knew it would be so difficult to find a square biscuit cutter locally? I had to improvise and ended up using a square egg ring {does that even make sense…it’s not round?} and a pickle cutter. Forgive me…the technical term for this doohickey escapes me….but it’s the same thing you would use to make the pickles with the ridges. I totally nailed that explanation! Moving on…

paint splatter cookies

I let the cookies rest a day before icing them. For royal icing…I used Sugarbelle’s 20 second icing recipe…which was equally fabulous. Reserve about 1/2 cup of the royal icing for the paint splatters later. After icing the cookies…leave them to dry overnight. In the meantime, you can start mixing your colors. I chose to match mine as much as possible to the invite. I actually had colored my icing about a week before when I did a test run on the cookies. As my luck would have it…my colored icings completely dried out. I don’t think I had them properly covered and too much air got to them. GAH! And they were so perfectly spot on color matched!!

paint splatter cookies

Now comes the fun part. Start with whatever color you want…and water down your icing so it has more of a watery consistency. Dab a little on a fork and fling it towards the cookies. Split…splat!! I also did drops here and there…then with a tooth pick…I would drag a little of the paint drop until I formed a paint splatter.  After splattering all your colors…I would let them lay flat for 4-5 hours to dry.

paint splatter canvas cookies


paint splatter canvas cookies

paint splatter canvas cookies

I always do my best baking and icing in my kid’s play kitchen…don’t you? Kidding…the lighting was poor in my “for real” kitchen.

After they dried…I propped them up on these little wooden easels I found at Joanns. Aren’t they darling?

paint splatter cookies

paint cookies


Paint splatter canvas cookies = big hit at the party! You can view a more detailed post on the paint party here.

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  1. Sweetsugarbelle

    THESE. ARE.  GORGEOUS.  Not only do I love these cookies, the photos are beautiful!!!! Sooooo impressed and proud to have inspired you!


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