Woodland Fairy Wings

Woodland Fairy Wings…Dollar Tree Style

This year for Halloween, Savannah is going to be a Woodland Fairy. Well…a fairy needs wings so…

I found the wings and the leaves at Dollar Tree. I used a total of 4 packs of leaves. They are actually a pretty nice crepe paper leaf…not that fake plant material.

First…cut off all the stems on the leaves…then brush some tacky glue on the back top portion of the leaf…

….starting at the bottom…create layers of leaves until you reach the top. I didn’t want a uniform look…so I did 3 leaves on some rows…2 on others. Total matter of taste!

at this point you can leave them as is…or paint them…I painted them. I chose fall-ish colors like browns, greens, reds and highlighted with gold. No real technique here…just brush on randomly. You do want to avoid streaking or blobbing…go for a more mottled look…and don’t be afraid to mix the colors. After the paint dried a little…I sprinkled on some “fairy dust”…this stuff is super fine…so I actually sprinkled a few feet away and let the wind carry it on to the leaves. Geez…that sounds a bit dramatic for a tutorial. You don’t want to overdo it…but it does give a nice sparkly fairy look to the wings.

…next I kind of manipulated the leaves a bit. They have a wire that runs through the leaf…so they are bendable. I just did them in all different directions…played around until I achieved the look I wanted.

and there ya go! I spent $5 dollars {not including supplies I had on hand} and a couple of hours for these woodland fairy wings…not bad! I’ll post follow up pictures when I have the entire costume put together.


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