Yarn Tassel Garland…

Here’s a recent textversation I had with my Mom:

Mom: I want to crochet the girls each a poncho. Skate’s {her nickname for Savannah Kate} colors are pink & what for Annie’s?
Me: Cute…whatever you like.
Mom: I’ll see if I can find a poncho pattern, like Clint Eastwood wore in The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly for Jacks.
Me: Um…ok??

Well that settles it…I have to learn crochet! I’m obsessing over the many cool things I could make. Oddly, Clint Eastwood’s poncho never came to mind. I really want to make an afghan, but not sure if that would be too ambitious for a beginner. I absolutely fell in love with this rad yarn when I spotted it at Michaels. I can’t crochet {yet}, but I knew I had to do something with this yarn! So, I made this yarn tassel garland instead. 

Yarn tassle garland

yarn tassle

Supplies I used:

Variegated yarn
Index card or piece of cardboard

yarn tassle tutorial

To make a tassel:

Begin wrapping your yarn around the short side of an index card.
Continue wrapping until you have desired amount.
End with yarn at the bottom, then cut.
Thread a small piece of yarn through the top and loosely tie it.
Slide scissors through the bottom and cut through the yarn.

yarn tassle

Fold out yarn and center the loose tie.
Once centered, tie tighter and in a knot.
Fold yarn in half and tie tightly with twine or same yarn.
Trim up bottom of tassel to even out.

yarn tassle garland

Once all the tassels are tied, thread them through a long piece of twine to make a garland.


4 thoughts on “Yarn Tassel Garland…

  1. Lisa

    Here I was enjoying the tassles and now all i can see is Clint wearing his poncho! I love that your Mom envisioned Clint to think of a poncho!

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