You know when…

your son is looking for a certain toy…and he asks for your help…”of course”, you say…knowing it’s exact location…you decide to have a little fun…so you send him on a fake magical hunt…because…all those little toys that get shoved into and under furniture are still there…peeking out just enough to put your OCD into gear…and he’s continued to ignore your requests for picking them up…so you ask him…”oh is that it over there…under the couch?”…you can’t help but giggle…ahem…cackle…as he races to the couch…”no…it’s just some cars and a horse.”…. “oh darn! well why don’t you go ahead and grab those…you know…since you’re already down there?”…and you don’t want to appear to overly pleased with your twisted genius self…so you think…I better dial down this perma-grin…then you start to feel a teency bit bad for lying to your first born…until you realize...duha healthy workout trumps lyingand clearly, this is exercisesucka!…so with your mommy guilt in check…you soldier on…until every lego and hot wheels are properly stowed away…and said toy is reunited with the boy…then you wonder…can I even top this?

That was my day yesterday! What’s your…you know when…?

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2 thoughts on “You know when…

  1. Laura

    LOVE IT!! Got one for ya! You know when….you need a misc. item from upstairs and you REALLY aren’t in the mood for the short hike? These are the steps you should follow:
    1. Choose the most compliant child at that given moment. We all know this varies.
    2. Say, “(insert compliant child here), I haven’t seen your (insert toy here) lately. The last time I saw it, it was in the playroom. Why don’t you double-check?” (Make sure the toy you choose is clearly visible to him/her.)
    3. Wait for compliant child to locate toy in playroom.
    4. (This next step must be timed out perfectly.) Before he/she reaches the top of the stairs, politely ask for the misc. item.
    5. Allow compliant child to “toss” it over the stair rail, ever so gently. Fun for all involved!


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