DIY Confetti Blowers…

diy party blowers diy party blowers confetti diy party horns diy party blowers diy party horns diy party blowers
diy party blowers diy party blowers diy party blowers diy party horns DSC_1211 DSC_1370 It’s back to school season and I like to do something fun every year to celebrate it. We homeschool, but we take our summer break, too. It’s nice to have those lazy days of summer for me and for them.

I had some unused party blowers, so I thought now would be the perfect time to make some use of them. You can get them just about anywhere, I think I picked mine up from Target.

Gather your supplies:
Party blowers
Ink pens
Glue stick
Party napkins or tissue paper

First, carefully separate the paper part of the blower from the horn. Try to remove it in intact, as you will use this for your template. Next, trace an outline of the blower onto cardstock. With ink pens, have your kids draw within the template. We do a lot of ink drawings and these pens are a staple in our house. They don’t smudge and are waterproof. After they have completed their drawings, cut out the template.

Next, add a little glue down one long side of your template. Roll and press into place. You’ll need to hold this for a minute, until the glue takes. After the form is set, add a little more glue near the top, then slide the plastic horn piece into position.

Start stuffing your blower with confetti, careful not to pack it in or it will become jammed in the horn and won’t blow properly. We used some of our handmade confetti leftover from the confetti ghosts we made last year. Add a little handwritten message and tuck into the confetti. Finally, seal off your party blower. We cut some small circles from party napkins, but tissue paper would work the same.

Hand them out to friends or have fun with them yourselves. When you’re ready to get your celebration on, just punch trough the seal and blow! They had the best time blowing confetti all over each other.

Easy Broccoli and Cheese Quiche…

broccoli cheese quiche quiche2 quiche3 broccoli cheese quiche broccoli cheese quiche quiche7 broccoli cheese quiche broccoli cheese quiche
When I wrote my last blog post in March, I didn’t anticipate taking such an extended break from blogging. But I did and it felt good to step away for a while. I was able to enjoy, ahem, survive the last few months of my pregnancy and didn’t worry too much if my blog would be okay. On June 5th, 4 weeks ahead of schedule, we welcomed the fourth baby and second boy in our family, Wyatt Sam. He is a complete joy and quite the little chunker! I’ll tell you more about my newest love in another post. For now, I want to share this slammin’ broccoli and cheese quiche recipe!

I have never made quiche until this recipe. I’m not exactly sure why, but baking a quiche has always sounded intimidating. Perhaps it was the thought of making a crust that kept me from making this deliciousness. Well, no more. I’ve made this quiche about a dozen times in the last few months. C’est magnifique! It’s perfect for breakfast, snack, lunch, or dinner. It’s one of the few ways, I can get Savannah to ingest more than a sliver of broccoli. It is so easy. The crust is the perfect quiche crust and it takes no time at all to make. Grab the crust recipe here and the quiche recipe here. The only ingredient I have substituted, was the cream in the quiche. Once, I didn’t have any on hand, so I used canned coconut milk. It was just as a good and a little healthier. Also, there were a few comments on the quiche recipe, that it used too much onion. Too onion-y? Is that even possible? Onion breath be damned…I say, load up! But if it’s not your thing, just sub it out.

Now that I’ve gotten my first postpartum blog post underway, all while, a sleeping Wyatt lay on my chest and Savannah shoved every Tsum Tsum in my face, I think I can declare I’ve officially returned from my blogging break!

Time with Annie…

wovenplay tutu wovenplay tutu wovenplay tutu wovenplay tutu wovenplay tutu wovenplay tutu The other day in the car, Annie started to tell me something and she started off with, “When you get rid of me…” What? I think she thinks the new baby is replacing her or maybe it’s because I’ve threatened one too many times to ship her out of the country when she’s driving me mad. I reassured her, I was not getting rid of her, now or ever. 

While I love all my babies the same amount, I have a special bond with each one, that’s unique to just them. With Annie, it’s always been, because she was the baby. Perhaps I coddled her a bit more. Or secretly enjoyed her sleeping next to me more. It doesn’t help matters that she is so miniature and petite. At 4 years old, I can still easily carry her around. Even on her worst days, in her crazy Annie moments, she has this way of mesmerizing me with her tiny self and her little cartoon voice. The way she stands in front of me with her little books that she’s authored and proudly tells me a story that makes absolutely no sense. But I don’t care, because, that voice. I love that little voice. I love the way she still uses adjectives as verbs. Instead of telling me she cut something out, she’ll say, “Mommy, I sharped it out” I kind of hope she does that for longer than she should. I’ll correct her one day, but not now. As excited as I am to meet the new baby of the family, my heart hurts a little knowing that she won’t be the baby anymore. Let’s face it, with each new addition, there is less of me to go around. A newborn requires a lot of attention. There will be times when I will have to put his needs over hers. She’ll adjust, I know she will. They all have when it was their turn. For now though, I’ll just soak up these last months of her being the baby. I will tell her, as my Mom did me, that she’ll always be my baby. Nothing can ever change that.

Just a side note. I took these pictures at construction site in our neighborhood. It was after hours and no workers were present. Even though, it might look like in some of the pictures, she’s about to be scooped up by a big excavator, she is not.