Back to School…

waffletime2 frenchtime caterpillartime paintingtime paintingtime2 teatime teatime4 teatime2 drawingtime drawingtime2 After an extra long summer break, we headed back to school this week. Actually, our kitchen table. This marks my second year homeschooling. I love it even more now, than when I first embarked on this journey.  I was so glad to get the first week under my belt. There is always a few hiccups, but by the end of the week all is good. I always have to remind myself that there’s no one looking over my shoulders. This is my school and I’m free to teach it as I choose. We are once again following Ambleside Online, a curriculum based off the teachings and philosophy of British educator, Charlotte Mason.

A typical week for us looks like this:

Artist Study
Composer Study
Nature Study
Folksong Study
Hymn Study
Natural History
Tea Time

It seems like a lot, but our school day only lasts about 2.5 – 3 hours. Some subjects are only done once a week. We usually take Fridays off for field trips or whatever. Most of their day is spent in our backyard catching lizards, butterflies, and pretty much anything that moves. There’s also tennis lessons, horseback riding, and baseball is starting up soon. Music lessons are on the horizon, but I haven’t finalized anything yet. I think I’m scared of the noise. Also, I ventured out into new territory and enrolled Jacks and Savannah in a local 4-H chapter. Looks like they will be raising a rabbit to show in the county fair.

I’m looking forward to all the new adventures that await. Here’s to another great school year!

One Day I’ll Remember…

anniecolor3 anniecolor1 anniecolor7 anniecolor anniecolor6 There is definitely no shortage of Momma losing her cool around here. I have to consistently tell myself that she won’t always be this little. One day, I’ll look back on all these things that drive me crazy now and I’ll remember. On the days I was annoyed when her Lego creations were taking over the house, I’ll remember how she always demanded they be put way up high to keep them safe. On the days I was annoyed when she never picked up her craft supplies, I’ll remember how proudly she showed off her work.  On the days I was annoyed how she dropped pieces of coconut all over the house, I’ll remember how she kept her little bunny clips in the leftover coconut shell. On the days I was annoyed how she squirmed when I did her hair, I’ll remember how sweet she looked in our handmade pom pom ponytail holders. On the days I was annoyed that she always lost her fishy sunglasses, I’ll remember they were her favorites. On the days I was annoyed when she takes off all the book jackets, I’ll remember how she loved it when I read Tikki Tikki Tembo. One day, I’ll remember these things and it won’t drive me crazy.

We Made: Pom Pom Ponytail Holders…

pom pom hair ties pompomhairties11 pompomhairties10 pom pom hair ties pom pom hairties pompomhairties13 pompomhairties7 pom pom hair ties I’ve been slowly building up a small arsenal of yarn. I’ve got this crazy idea, that I’m going to learn how to crochet. Oh how I wish I could go back in time and accept my mother’s offer to teach me. But no, I had to think it was lame. I can spend hours perusing Etsy, just pouring over pages of vintage afghans. I’m especially drawn to the bright and colorful ones. Which is funny, because my favorite color is white. My kids absolutely can’t stand that white is my favorite color. They scoff and tell me it can’t be my favorite, because it’s not really a color. Wait until they find out my second favorite color…grey.

So while I’m waiting to learn crochet, I have to find fun ways to use my yarn. Because, despite my love affair with white, I’m addicted to all the fun colors. A few weeks ago, we made these pencil pouches. Then, the other day I saw this tutorial on making pom poms with a fork. I made a few and they were really easy. I knew Savannah, my 24/7 crafter, would love making these. I showed her how to wrap the yarn around the fork. I did most of the initial cutting, because you have to use pretty sharp scissors to cut through all that yarn. She shaped them with her scissors, which made for some wonky pom poms. I polished them up a bit and they turned out great. A word of warning though, you can’t just make one pom pom. We added ponytail holders to ours and because we made so many, we set aside a few for friends.